SEAL of My Dreams
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Panama Jack by Tara Janzen

Darien Gap, Panama

“You’ve got that low-crawl down real good, ma’am, very fine action on the move. Very fine, indeed.” Jack Corday had a reputation for calling ‘em like he saw ‘em, and the girl wiggling up next to him in this godforsaken jungle had a backside worthy of worship.

“Watch yourself, Flipper,” she said, handing him an MRE, Meal Ready to Eat, and settling back into her rifle. “I’ve got enough trouble without you getting all worked up staring at my derriere.”

She also had a mouth on her. Flipper. Hell. Nobody had ever had the guts to call him Flipper, but she did it regularly. Her little way of trying to keep him in line, he guessed.

Fat chance.

He grinned. “I love it when you talk dirty.”

“Derriere?” She slanted him a quick glance over the top of her rifle. “That’s not dirty, it’s French.”

“Dirty French.” His grin broadened.

“In your dreams,” she said under her breath, resting her cheek back on the rifle’s stock and peering through the scope.

She had that right – in his dreams. Hell, if he’d had a night in the last two months when she hadn’t been in his dreams, he didn’t remember it. Oh, hell, no. Little Miss Blondie with the O.G.A., Other Government Agency, a.k.a. the C.I.A., had been popping in and out of Panama City on a damn near weekly basis, and every week she requested one operator to take her deep into the overgrown danger zone between Panama and Colombia known as the Darien Gap. Every week she requested him, Jack Corday, U.S. Navy SEAL on special assignment.

Special assignment to cover Little Miss Blondie’s very fine derriere. Yeah, he’d finally figured it out.

But he hadn’t figured her out.

He opened up the package of cookies in the MRE and handed her a couple, then put his eye back to the spotting scope and scanned the area in front of them.

Nothing about the Ice Queen made sense. She was half spook, half sniper, and all gorgeous. Agents like her usually ended up in European embassies, carrying a pocket pistol and collecting intelligence from tuxedoed diplomats.

This girl was in the middle of the big, bad nowhere, sweating her guts out and toting a M40, a fully accurized .308 with a scope that cost more than his first car.



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Tara Janzen is the author of the Steele Street Series, eleven books about a crew of juvenile car thieves and chop shop boys who become one of America’s most elite black ops military teams, Special Defense Force. The series began with CRAZY HOT and CRAZY COOL and ended with the NYT Bestselling LOOSE ENDS. Tara lives in Fort Collins, Colorado and spends as much time as possible shooting with her military buddies, the guys who not only built all her guns, but taught her how to hit a ten inch target at a thousand yards.


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