SEAL of My Dreams
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Foreword by Robyn Carr

America is in love with the Navy SEALs.

We stood witness as a nation, as a world, to acts of bravery and mastery driven by patriotism as they took down one of the world’s most dangerous villains. When the highest level of competence and fealty was required, the SEALs were called. And they did not take a bow.

Here’s what they are not – they are not celebrities, movie stars or sports idols. They are flesh and blood men who have volunteered for the highest level of military training available and taken an oath to perform heroic acts at great personal risk in the defense of a country that will not put their pictures on magazine covers or pay them a multi-million dollar contract. Indeed, their ‘bonus’ will come in the form of hazardous duty pay. They are compensated by their rank and could choose far less dangerous or frightening roles. And their success as SEALs depends, at least as long as they serve in this capacity, on anonymity.

Who better equipped to honor the image of our greatest warrior heroes than the gifted pens of some of the romance industry’s finest authors of romantic fiction. In this volume the visage of some of the world’s most revered heroes is captured in scenes of love, bravery, laughter and passion, all created to bring into focus the SEALs of our dreams, those men we hold in such high esteem.



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Robyn Carr is the NYT’s bestselling author of over forty novels, including the Virgin River series. She is married to a former Air Force helicopter and jet pilot and her son is an Army orthopedic surgeon who served in Iraq. She takes her military based heroes very personally.


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